Human vs Machine 


'Human vs Machine' offers visitors to explore their relationship to data surveillance in a Gallery setting. The portraits below are captured by the individuals engaging with the installation at Watt Space Gallery.

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Media Installation
Watt Space Gallery, 2020  

'Human vs Machine' is a prototype that explores the notion of data portraiture with human's biometric data at the centre of our ecology—the Installation comments on the expansion of data-surveillance caused by
computational technology.

The prototype showcases our intertwined relationship with communication technology and its potential to create detailed data portraits.   
By voluntarily immersing ourselves to emerging technologies that enter our life, we often miss reflecting on the trade-offs these newly introduced technologies may cause. The distribution of biometric data that can facilitate machine learning procedures to create synthetic portraits, for example, is indicating that human ecology and computational technology are already merging into a territory that requires future exploration of it social and ecological impact. The simulated and abstract Portrait offers an investigation of our attitude towards a representation of a future self that is transformed through computational technology.

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